The Friends of St Bernadette School

We need eveyone to take action if we are to succeed.

Everyone in the School is a Friend

By sending your child to St Bernadette's School you have become a Friend of St Bernadette.
There are many ways to help, if we all do a little, no one has to do a lot. 
Most importantly we need you to support our work by joining in the community and attending the events. 
We also need help with every event in the planning and execution. We all have busy lives, most of the committee work full time so the more we can share small manageable chunks of the work, the easier it is for us all.
It may be something as small as putting raffle tickets in envelopes whilst watching the TV at home or as big as taking the lead to organise an event. Whatever you can manage we will accept.
Please don't just do to nothing or the benefit the school receives will be lost.