The Friends of St Bernadette School

Our Impact
These are some of the things we have been able to provide for the school over the years. All have benefitted our children in many different ways 


  • Last year we were able to fund the Choristers Outreach programme. All year 3 children have, in the past, participated in a singing programme with Westminster where they learn to sing, take part in group practices and perform concerts for parents in Westminster Cathedral. The friends were able to fund this project and aim to continue to fund it for all future pupils
  • The Life Bus is another ongoing event that provides age appropriate learning about the body and the good and bad things we can do to it!
  • We were able to provide new play equipment for use at lunchtimes together with the annual trophies for Prize Giving and a Bible for every year 6 child leaving the scholl 
  • The Caterpillar Club was created and is still maintained by The Friends. it is a dedicated room for any child who may be struggling with the social interaction of school. They can play and interact with each other in a smaller environment and often use the means of making toast to build confidence and promote having fun together. 
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